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9 Reasons Strategic Planning Remains Relevant for Schools

Strategic Planning  by  Gowan Group

Strategic Planning by Gowan Group

For additional information on  Gowan Group 's  Strategic Planning   Consulting Services  for  Independent Schools ,  click  to read more.

For additional information on Gowan Group's Strategic Planning Consulting Services for Independent Schools, click to read more.

Signature Services Offered for Independent School Research


In celebration of my mentor, Don Gowan, and the anniversary of his 50th Kent reunion, we are offering a dramatic reduction on prices on certain services. The anniversary was in June, so we know it's late. But the timing makes sense for admissions offices and their current challenges.

Gowan Group identifies challenges, offering a different perspective for a school's Administrative Team. Our objective viewpoints, as well as our daily research in current educational trends, deliver results. Each consultant is an idea starter, a problem solver, and a thought leader. Our Team's extensive educational experience helps independent schools reposition, or reinvent itself. Each signature service is offered in two distinct ways: a comprehensive and an abbreviated approach. 

promotional offer: Local-seo

Local Seo Competitor School Social Media Research
2,000.00 5,000.00


Purchasing Gowan Group's signature Local SEO Social Media Research service is an opportunity to outsource time-consuming research. In one week, your school will be able to...

  • Look into Gowan Group's digital process.
  • Access our personalized software with your login, and a password protected account.
  • Have a detailed and comprehensive Activity Report, written by Gowan Group's digital strategists.
  • Understand what your common audience liked and did not like about competitor school's digital marketing initiatives. 
  • Turn competitor school's marketing mistakes into your school's marketing success.
  • Strategically place your school on social platforms in which your content will be appealing to your audience, and thrive.


Competitive Analysis and Image Report
3,000.00 7,000.00

Competitive Analysis / Image Report

Gowan Group will visit your campus for a full day of study. In a weeks time, we will perform a detailed competitive analysis and produce an image report. The findings of both will offer critical data for you to differentiate and brand your school. It will ultimately result in more applications of mission-driven students in your admissions funnel. 

1. Internal Research: We will determine your school's strengths, and the areas of improvement, offering insight to institutional branding. 

2. Whole Day Campus Visit: Gowan Group's delivery of top consulting services stems from the time commitment we dedicate to understanding your school's ethos. While spending one day at your school, we strengthen our ability to provide first-rate reporting, by meeting your Administration and touring your campus.

3. Competitor School Visit: We will visit your competition, your cross-over schools, to determine your competitive edge. This will be coupled with an image report for your campus. We all know that prospective parents and students often make decisions based on "feel." Gowan Group will identify the key factors, from an outsider's perspective, that will improve your competitive edge.

4. Competition & Image Report: An in-depth report offering our data analysis, competition report and image report. Our insightful recommendations will guide you in increasing applications to your funnel. 


  • A stronger competitive edge.
  • A more welcoming admissions presentation.
  • Pointed recommendations for your school to fulfill.
  • Your admissions office will enjoy more mission appropriate applications and a stronger yield. 

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