Strategic Enrollment Management Model

Gowan Group's Strategic Enrollment Management Model will result in a larger more accurate candidate pool, a higher admissions yield, less attrition, stronger donor participation, a more active alumni body, and a more energized and engaged internal community.


Strategic Enrollment Management is truly more than a buzzword; it is an essential element of the culture of schools.
— Chris Pryor, President & Founder, Gowan Group

Over the last ten years enrollment has become the number one concern for Heads of Schools. It is an inclusive term that includes the following areas of school life: recruitment, retention, marketing, communications and research/strategy. With more comprehensive experience than any firm of our kind, Gowan Group guides schools towards discovering and implementing proper and personal enrollment management strategies.



  1. Enrollment Research
  2. Demographic Study
  3. Competitive Analysis/Image Report
  4. Analysis/Recommendations
  5. Five Year Enrollment Management Study


The foundation of  Gowan Group 's  School Enrollment  Model: A complete understanding of a school's audience.

The foundation of Gowan Group's School Enrollment Model: A complete understanding of a school's audience.

Projections & Predictions

Our signature Strategic Enrollment Management Model is called, Projections and Predictions. Strategic Enrollment Management is a current and commonly used buzzword for independent schools and institutions of higher education. The results for individual schools are anything but common.  Schools are built on a culture of planning and strategy. 

Projections and Predictions works best when five core areas of school life are working efficiently and effectively together:

  • Recruitment

  • Retention

  • Financial Assistance

  • Marketing (print and digital)

  • Communications


Projections and Predictions begins with a strategic research process of gathering data gleaned from a school's core audience. A school will see positive results in its overall admission efforts when it applies what it knows with sound strategy. Gowan Group works with schools to plan and execute an effective plan with:

  • Analytical Phase

  • Planning Phase

  • Implementation Phase



Enlisting strong Projections and Predictions strategies will:

  • Make you relevant and memorable

  • Make you well-known for the right thing

  • Solidify your school community

Schools that enlist Projections and Predictions can expect positive outcomes because institution-wide decisions, not just admission decisions, will be informed by valuable data about enrollment, a school’s unique value proposition, the effectiveness of its integrated marketing communications, and its brand and positioning in a competitive marketplace.  Equally important, Projections and Predictions unites a school community and its stakeholders, clarifying its mission, getting departments and volunteers working together, and adding consistent, passionate, moving storytelling to the forefront.