How our Independent School Consultants are Designing Marketing Materials for School Clients


Gowan Group's Marketing & Creative Consultants Helped Sacred Heart Greenwich By Creating Original Marketing Materials To Reach A Larger Audience, Online And In Print.

"The work of Gowan Group has been invaluable in strategically addressing our future enrollment focus, our rebranding, and our marketing and communication strategy. We have a much stronger presence in our area because of their research and development."
- Pam Hayes, Head of School - Sacred Heart Greenwich


Gowan Group engaged with Sacred Heart Greenwich for an extensive research, enrollment management, marketing and strategic planning project. Sacred Heart Greenwich is a PK-12th grade independent school with 730 girls in Greenwich, CT. 

Click the image to view Sacred Heart's Magazine,  From The Heart , produced by Gowan Group.

Click the image to view Sacred Heart's Magazine, From The Heart, produced by Gowan Group.

Our goal was to perform extensive, data-driven research, identify potential admission hurdles and guide them through the specifically designed enrollment management process.


The School needed marketing, both in print and digital, as well as rebranding in order to face certain faith-based National trends. The School also needed a strong three-year strategic plan. Gowan Group led a marketing committee and a strategic planning committee to deliver concepts and implement solutions.

Using the new messaging and branding, a communications plan was created in order to reach a wider audience. The communications plan was structured to ensure the School's message was correct and properly branded.

  • Gowan Group provided the School with original graphic design concepts and layouts, creating brand consistency for all marketing materials.
  • Gowan Group produced a new publication series that further branded the School.
  • Designed a speaker series showcasing the strengths of the faculty to the surrounding Connecticut towns.


The Board of Trustees has an active and innovative strategic plan set to be launched this year. With Gowan Group's leadership, the three-year strategic plan will guide the School while it becomes identified as the leading independent school in both Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

The admissions department and communications office have evolved into a powerful marketing team. This partnership, supported by proper and branded messaging, will be able to successfully execute their new communications plan.

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