Dan Pink on Sales and His Ultimate Impact on Schools

I bet Dan Pink never knew he was going to be a thought leader in the world of independent school education, but he sure is. From his thoughts on right brain thinking or how to motivate people to his newest insight on sales, independent schools should be reading Pink very carefully. In these two videos Dan Pink shares his insight on how the world of sales has changed. Admissions offices can learn a great deal from the corporate world of sales and how to market themselves. Take a look for yourself and see what you think. And, by the way, Gowan Group trains admissions professionals in the traditional art of sales. In fact, it is one of our four basic tenets.

Professional Development is critical for all of us to continue learning and growing: Throughout my career as a head of school, I was an ardent supporter of professional development; I believe as communities we must always learn and grow. Our admissions guidance programs are based on teaching skills that will allow your admissions office to evolve, and, in turn, increase your enrollment. More than that – the enrollment management process will provide the vehicle for your school to learn and grow together. It is an inclusive process that will solidify and strengthen your community.