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New Summer Retreat Opportunities...Register Now!

We are excited about our newest summer opportunity to help school trustees and administrative teams focus over the summer, prepare for the Fall and assess themselves as leaders of their community. The retreats are personalized based on the School’s needs, and each school will engage in a team leadership assessment experience, which will enhance the day-to-day working environment of any team. Our very own, Dr. Allison Agliata, will run the leadership aspect of the retreats and all of our talented consultants can be involved. Click here to learn the specifics and to register. Time is limited, so schedule your retreat now!

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Alzar School Chooses Gowan Group

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Alzar School is an incredible school; we are so excited to be working with them! Located in Boise, Idaho, Alzar is a semester school for highly accomplished students in their sophomore and junior years. Its focus is on quality academics, outdoor leadership and cultural exchange all in front of the backdrop of the Idaho landscape and wilderness, plus a month long expedition in Chile. 

Gowan Group will perform extensive research, marketing and the geographic expansion of Alzar's student body. We started working with Alzar in August and will continue working closely with them through February, 2019. We are thrilled to welcome Alzar to our client family here at Gowan.

Using Data to Determine and Market Your School's Value

With the current, erratic economy and enrollment being a constant challenge, building a sustainable business model for independent schools should be a focus for trustees, heads of schools and business managers. School sustainability finds itself at the intersection of program audits, data collection, income generation and stabilized tuition. The below presentation will explore how a comprehensive program audit can produce a more effective and efficient program and new income generation, which could lead to future tuition stabilization.

With both tuition and competition constantly increasing, it is imperative that schools accurately communicate their program's value. Value is the differentiator and by properly identifying it...schools can dramatically improve recruitment and retention. Our Research Department developed a satisfaction and importance survey to determine a school's value. Further, by analyzing the data, we can strategize ways in which to communicate with your different constituent groups AND to fit your school's brand. 

Below is a presentation we delivered at the AISAP Annual Conference in Nashville this Summer. Take a look and be in contact with us, if you want to have a free consultation and learn how your school can better identify and communicate its value.