THE REVENUE STREAM THAT LIES WITHIN - International Philanthropy

the revenue stream that lies within

by Chris Pryor, President & Founder, Gowan Group

& Dan Harrop, Managing Partner, NESS

may, 2017 | volume XLV - no. 8, educational directions incorporated

about chris pryor

With Gowan Group, Chris realizes his vision for an educational consulting organization that serves the needs of independent schools on every front–from Admission and Enrollment Management to Advancement and Fundraising, and from Strategic Planning to Leadership Development. To accomplish this, Chris has assembled a stellar group of nationally renowned consultants that have the passion, experience, expertise, and resources to help independent schools turn every challenge into a growth opportunity.

about Gowan Group, Independent Schol Consulting

Gowan Group establishes Independent School solvency, using our Innovative Strategic Thinking & Enrollment Management Model. Partnering with Gowan Group helps schools become resilient against any economic downturn. Our process swiftly moves schools away from traditional admissions practices. Gowan Group increases interest in your school from the local, national and global level. Inquiries from prospective students and families will fill enrollment vacancies. Through research, strategy, consultation, and implementation, Gowan Group works alongside schools, ensuring future success.

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