I just returned home from my daughter's soccer game. I was along side hundreds of parents and kids playing, watching games and loving the weather of a beautiful fall October day. I must admit I loved it, too. Here was the best part: my son and I were having a football toss before the game. Jake is six and has acquired the best spiral I have seen in a long while. I taught him how to step into the pocket like Eli Manning, protect himself, find his target and let it fly. He did it beautifully! I was so proud. He threw me a perfect pass that was just a bit outside of my extended reach. It fell at my feet and settled on the ground. Besides being a bit embarrassed that I missed his best pass ever, he then taught me a lesson. He said, "Dad, you have to move towards the ball!" I have been telling him this for what seems like forever, so having him return the favor was a bit of karma surprising me in a delightful way. Hearing his words out loud and from his little, angelic voice gave the lesson a whole new meaning.

I thought of you, the reader. I thought of us, the learner. And I reminded myself to move towards the ball. I hope you can see this blog, all blogs and all catch basins of information as the metaphorical ball. I see all information as the ball. And I move towards the information to become a better teacher, a more dynamic leader, a more complete learner. We should seek out learning. We should seek out opportunities to learn and better ourselves. We should see ourselves as lifelong learners -- an overused but very relevant term. We should read books on topics that interest us. Read articles. Watch videos. Tweet. Seek out people who make us think and then surround ourselves with them. We should ask them to challenge us and, in turn, challenge them as well.

Be well, and move towards the ball.