Digital Strategy

Gowan Group has developed innovative strategies to optimize school online presence using metrics and best SEO practice.

Gowan Group's Digital Team of Independent School Marketers analyze, interpret, explain, and present data to structure a school's Content Marketing Plan, Social Media Strategy, and School Website. Using Statistical Modeling and Algorithm Deployment to produce Analytic Reports, Gowan Group has developed a unique digital research strategy to optimize a school's online presence. Gowan Group's Content SEO, Press Release SEO, Social Media SEO, and Local SEO Research offers schools a new way to elevate enrollment, competitive advantage, and 'searchability.'

Digital Strategy Signature Services

  1. SEO Research
  2. Prospective Family-Focused Content Marketing Plans
  3. Competitive Analysis: Local, State, and National
  4. Statistical Algorithmic Analytic Reporting

Part one

Digital Research in Competitive Analysis, Enrollment Management, and  Google  Rankings by  Gowan Group  Consultants.

Digital Research in Competitive Analysis, Enrollment Management, and Google Rankings by Gowan Group Consultants.

Online presence is how a school communicates and interacts on digital venues. It measures output, quality, and influence.
— Hailey Feldman, Director of Digital Marketing & Strategy

Search engine optimization

There is one constant in which all variables can be controlled, Search Engine Optimization. Gowan Group is first it its industry to offer Strategic SEO, Content Strategy, and Competitive Research Services. Rivaling big SEO companies, Gowan Group's Social Media & Content-SEO Strategic Plans are customized for independent schools. 

How SEO Influences a Family’s Search for a New School

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the practice and science of getting a school Ranked #1 above all of its competitor schools in a Google Search. Gowan Group's SEO-Auditing brings schools a unique opportunity to understand the decision making process and online behavior of new, upcoming prospective families. A family’s school search process starts with a Google search. Parents and students make judgements based on a school’s website, online reviews, online word of mouth, and its dissemination of information on social channels.


According to Gartner, the worldwide Business Intelligence and Analytics Market will reach $16.9 Billion in 2016. Enterprises are looking for more advanced, nimble and next-gen BI platforms.
— Big Data & Analytics: Changing The Way Businesses Take Informed Decisions

LOCAL SEO FOR SCHOOLS: competitive analysis & demographic marketing

Gowan Group uses Local SEO Strategy to evaluate a school's competitors, as well as understand the mindset of a school's prospective families. Local SEO helps schools create meaningful and targeted content that speaks to their community, and sparks interest from a new audience. 

Evaluating competition in a school's surrounding area. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses in a competitor school's marketing initiatives. Results: A thorough understanding of all competitor school's digital output. Recognizing the social venues competitor schools overshadow a school. Designing a digital strategy to compete directly with them on local education-related platforms.

School SEO

School Social media, competitor schools, school marketing 

Because you share the same audience, knowing everything about your competitor schools' social media and content marketing is as important as knowing everything about your own. Gowan Group provides Independent Schools with extensive information about their competitors’ social media profiles, Google/Bing rank, and local, state, and national reviews. Competitor Schools' social media campaigns are compared and contrasted to your school's social media campaigns. Thorough research leads to real time analysis for change and improvement.

Our interactive, secure client login SEO Platform is accessible and customized to your school. Gowan Group's digital strategists are able to see if your Competitor Schools succeeded or failed in their digital marketing initiatives. Most importantly, our digital strategists show you how we interpret the data in real time.

Local SEO Competitor school social media research

Gowan Group's signature Local SEO Social Media Research service is an opportunity to outsource time consuming research. In one week, your school will be able to...

  • Look into Gowan Group's digital process.
  • Access our personalized software with your login and password protected account.
  • Have a detailed and comprehensive Activity Report, written by Gowan Group's digital strategists.
  • Understand what your common audience liked and did not like about competitor schools' digital marketing initiatives. 
  • Turn competitor schools' marketing mistakes into your school's marketing success.
  • Strategically place your school on social platforms in which your content will be appealing to your audience, and thrive.

Part Two

Digital Marketing Audits by  Gowan Group 's Team of Top Digital Strategists.

Digital Marketing Audits by Gowan Group's Team of Top Digital Strategists.

digital marketing audit


A digital marketing audit yields analysis from a school's current digital output. The data provides insight on ways a school can utilize content to consistently engage their community. A digital marketing audit identifies opportunities and gaps in a marketing plan in order to best direct a school's marketing strategy. 

A digital marketing audit includes three sub-audits:

  1. SEO Audit

  2. Content Audit

  3. Social Media Audit


Defining and outlining keywords are essential in speaking to Google. Keywords are inserted in code on a website's page tags, headings, and blog posts. They are also used in ever social media post.


A content audit will explain what is missing in a school's content strategy, giving Gowan Group an opportunity to fill those holes. Gowan Group will be able to produce a content strategic plan using the data collected from this audit.


A social media audit studies a school's social channels, connected to its website. A social media audit aligns its examination of engagement, retention, analytics, and interaction to the intended school messaging. The audit provides answers to questions such as, "does a school's current Facebook account represent its mission accurately? Is the the school's purpose evident in its graphic design?"

Analytics is a driving force in discovering information about a school's social output. Analytics reporting uncovers metrics evaluating a school's competitors, and how competitor schools' social channels compare.


  • Website Structural Plan
  • Competitors Ranking Discovery
  • Social Media Campaign Plan
  • Social Media Campaign Analytic Report
  • Keyword Discovery
  • Keyword Strategy
  • Quantitative Inventory
  • Qualitative Observation
  • Content Consolidation
  • Audience Evaluation
  • Social Media SEO Analysis
  • Social Channel Chart